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At Santos, we provide world-class service on every brand and model of door and opener. The best service rates in Romeoville and exceptional first-time performance make Toss the right choice for residential and commercial customers alike! Our goal is to be the first and only call you need to make.

You can trust that our technicians are professionally trained and have the experience and knowledge to provide you with trouble-free service. Workable, compliant and high-quality hardware is always of top quality. Regardless of your needs or budget, our technicians can provide a range of options.

Broken Spring Replacement

In order for a garage door to operate safely and efficiently, springs are among the most important components. In the event that your garage door doesn’t open or close properly, there’s a good chance it has a broken spring. Spring wear occurs over time, particularly in environments that are heavily used. In order to ensure the proper operation of your garage door, you must repair or replace any broken springs. Upon prolonged service, when an accident occurs, or under unusual conditions, a high tension spring may break. Having the springs replaced by a professional is recommended. Call Santos and one of the IDEA-certified technicians will get the job done safely and quickly.