Roll-Up Garage Doors slide the garage door curtain along roller tracks and roll around a cylinder. A cylinder-shaped carpet rolled up and placed on the top of the door opening looks very similar! It is usually possible to do. Automatic garage doors and manual garage doors are commonly mistaken for roller garage doors! Residential and commercial applications can be served by a Roller Garage Door that is durable, practical, and affordable. Rolling garage doors are often used for replacing fence lines or for opening garages (as opposed to fence gates).

The garage door ‘rolls up like a carpet’ and sits above the opening of the garage in this fashion. If installed as either a manual or an automatic garage door, this can easily increase security in a home or place of business! 

We are proud to offer you a full line of rolling steel doors, counter shutters, and fire-rated doors from Santos Garage Doors. We offer the industry’s best products and are happy to help you select the type of door that is best suited to your needs.

Commercial establishments find the rolling steel door to be an invaluable resource. The steel is retractable into a compact roll thanks to a unique mechanism. As well as providing security, it creates a layer of protection. Providing you with rolling steel doors for your garage is our goal at Santos garage doors.

Types of Doors

  • Rolling Service Doors
  • Counter Shutters
  • Rolling Fire Doors
  • Fire Counter Shutters
  • Coiling Grilles
  • Side-Folding Grilles & Closures